The members of EHIBCC are users of barcode and RFID in health care. Primarily members are manufacturers but also hospitals become members being interested in sharing the expertise and having interest in marking items uniquely by themselfes. Members get a unique “Labeler Identification Code – LIC” registered according to “ISO/IEC 15459 Unique Identification”. The members use the LIC primarily for unique marking medical devices but also any item to be unique such as transport units, containers, shipment notes and what ever may need a unique code autodoscriminating from any other code (Barcode or RFID Tag). The LIC, also known as “Company Identification Code” is unique on a world wide base for cross country and cross sectorial use.

 Interested parties ask for the application form to apply for membership and Labeler Identification Code (LIC). The membership fee printed with the application form has been structured according to the turnover of the applicant. Enterprises with interest in more than one LIC can apply for secondary LICs to a special rate. For Europe applicants may apply for an alpha numeric synonym but the default value is a 3 digit number proceeded by a letter (E for Europe).

For membership and LIC application forms click here.