pdf  The magazine ident, the magazine for automatic identifikation & digitization, presented the EDCi in issue 1/2023.

The ISO initiative "AIDC Application in Industrial Construction" meets the research project "Robotics in Construction". While the ISO project is accompanied by the Eurodata Council Institute e.V. (EDCi), the Center Construction Robotics (CCR) consortium, together with RWTH-Aachen, closes the digital chain in construction from planning, through production, to realization.

Both projects are concerned with process optimization, as well as with traceability of products and elements used in construction.

For the achievement of synergetic effects, a cooperation between the CCR with their expertise in the field of "digitalization and automation on the construction site" and the Eurodata Council Institute e.V. (EDCi) with its expertise in barcode & RFID (AIDC) has been formed by a mutual cognition. The cooperation between CCR and EDCi on research and development "AIDC in construction" was agreed in December 2022.

On December 13, 2022, the following specification was approved for publication:

AutoID URL 1.0
The digital twin

In response to requests for solutions for Internet access to the "digital twin" of a product/object via smartphone using barcode and RFID(NFC), the "Joint Working Group ADC" with EDCi has developed the AutoID URL 1.0 specification. This describes how product identification is realized with access to the individual website, the "digital twin".

In this solution, the product data in the code is headed by a DOMAIN ID and is integrated in WEB syntax, but also has ASC data identifiers for unique identification of the data fields it contains.

This is enabling offline identification without net as online WEB access.
Thus the AutoID URL can lead specifically to the information which belongs to an individual product even to a specific serial number. Thus, for example, it is also possible to set up WEB communication that is specifically linked to this one product. This is the difference and added value to a regular QR code, which only contains a WEB generic address. The AutoID URL 1.0 solution also fits to the considerations of the European "Product Pass Port (DPP)".

The document "AutoID URL" can be found in the folder Documents: www.e-d-c.info

Comments, application questions please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On December 15, 2022, the AIDC in Industry & Healthcare Community Working Group approved the specification update for publication:

EDI functionality via Data Matrix in the logistics supply chain

This specification describes the solution how to transmit the data of complete shipment volumes via „a code on paper“ like with „Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) but captured from a label or a delivery sheet. This is where the term „PaperEDI is coming from. The specification described how to encode the data contents of delivery bills, orders, invoices but also of assembled product sets in a DataMatrix. The recipient is thus able to transfer the entire content to his ERP system by means of one scan of a coded data page. This is quite similar to electronic data interchange via "EDI", except that the data is physically available at any time at any place by the P'EDI code. This method is practice a) between manufacturer and trade, b) between manufacturer and/or trade to the recipient, but c) can also be used for scanning the content of equipment to capture the included components. The update of the specification includes:
+ New document type for requesting a return delivery from the consignment warehouse.
+ Simplification by option "DIN 16598 keyboard and WEB compatible syntax".
+ Coding of national characters (umlauts) within data elements, like names, adresses, etc.
+ Inclusion of data elements for medical parameters with ASC DI "32Q-Clinical term code (LOINC code)".

The "Paper-EDI" document can be found in the Documents folder: www.e-d-c.info

Please direct your comments, application questions, etc. to the projektteam per email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., keyword „P’EDI“.

AIDC Report2021 2022 title 50

The AIDC report is published at regular intervals on current developments of barcode and RFID and their applications, standardization topics, practice and examples.

The contributions of experts from different fields and nations underline the internationality of the report.

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