As part of the EU's circular economy initiatives, the Digital Product Passport (DPP) has been included as key element in order to give the relevant products an identity and to make specific information about them accessible, e.g. batteries, electronics, textiles, construction. 
EDCi e.V. contributes to this project within the scope of research and development of AIDC and applications, documents can be found here:

pdf  Investigation_DPP-ID-Codes_whitePaper-r231010.pdf
pdf  Digital-Passport-ScanSpots-230929.pdf
pdf  Digital-Passport-ID-methods.230328heioe.pdf
pdf  Digital-Passport-ID-methods_part-II_230328+.pdf
pdf  DPP-Identifiers_Comparison-r.240130
pdf  ESPR-DPPIdentifier-requirements-240129

pdf   VDA-DPP-24021f2.pdf: Contribution Identifier concept for the Automotive Industry 2024-02-21“