ISO/IEC Decoder Interface standard proposal support page.

Demo application

Here is a screen-shot of the application:

demo screenshot

Source code

TCL Source code:


The source may directly be executed, if a TCL virtual machine is present in the system.

Executable Program

Binaries for a couple of platforms may be generated using the LUCK service by dropping the source code in the code window.

There are no additional packages required

Pre-Build binaries

Binaries for some platforms may be downloaded below:

Windows binary::


Serial scanner connection

A serial scanner could be used with the program. Most USB-Scanners feature a virtual serial com (VCOM) mode, which may be used for this interface.

In this case, the interface name should be set within the settings pane.

The used scanner parameters are: no prefix, Symbology ID on, suffix: new line.

The status line shows a message if the interface was successfully opened. Otherwise, an error box is shown.

zxing barcode decoder app

It is planned to support the android platform and the zxing barcode decoder app for code accquisition. This is not jet implemented.