ISO/IEC Decoder Interface standard proposal support page.


Demo application

Here is a screen-shot of the application:

demo screenshot

Source code

TCL Source code:


The source may directly be executed, if a TCL virtual machine is present in the system.

Executable Program

Binaries for a couple of platforms may be generated using the LUCK service by dropping the source code in the code window.

There are no additional packages required

Pre-Build binaries

Binaries for some platforms may be downloaded below:

Windows binary::


Android binary:


Serial scanner connection

A serial scanner could be used with the program. Most USB-Scanners feature a virtual serial com (VCOM) mode, which may be used for this interface.

In this case, the interface name should be set within the settings pane.

The used scanner parameters are: no prefix, Symbology ID on, suffix: new line.

The status line shows a message if the interface was successfully opened. Otherwise, an error box is shown.

My compliant test scanner is CodeCorperation CR15 with a recent firmware (old had ECI reporting bug).



the Android Support requires a certain knowledge how to get a debug signed APK on the device. It informs about old design OS from Android 10+.

The Android support currently features support for the following scanning devices:

  • ZXing "Barcode Scanner" app (currently very limitted due to bad Symbology ID support, will be continued)
  • Honeywell CN50, CN52 scanner

The Honeywell support requires the following settings:

gear-button -> Honeywell settings -> Scanning -> Internal Scanner
  "+" for new profile, name it "scanlink"
  - click on scanlink profile->Data Processing settings:
    - Off: Wedge, Launch Browser, Scan to Intent, Launch EZ Config
    - On: Data Intent, click on text "Data Intent" to open options
      - Action: de.elmicron.action.BARCODE_DATA

None of those scanners are compliant with respect to ECI processing resulting in poor performance.
There is room for improvement. Ideas welcome.