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Benefits: Why UDI?

Once completely implemented, manufacturers, suppliers, health facilities and patients will benefit from UDI.


  UDI will found a basis for a secure, global distribution chain, prepared for
  emergencies, whilst avoiding aberrancy and product piracy.


  Manufacturers benefit from UDI by means of a rapid detection throughout
  the production, stocking, order-picking and handling/shipping process.


  Consignees benefit from UDI with the detection of incoming goods, interim
  storage and restocking.


  UDI facilitates logistics, encompassing location, logistic movements and
  handling in transport.


  UDI allows for a more precise system of documentation and reporting. Blun-
  der can be located and analysed at short notice.


  UDI enables medical professionals and others to analyse individual devices
  unmistakably and promptly, to obtain information concerning their specifics
  and thus avoid medical mistake.


  UDI provides manufacturers, distributors and health facilities with standardised
  product identification, facilitating product recalls.


ArrowUDI leads the way towards a globally recognised identification and detection
method for medical technology. UDI creates a universal standard, fostering
technical analysis of all currently marketed medical technology. Thanks to UDI,
knowledge acquired can be implemented into clinical data processing, electronic
medical records and databases. Comprehensive market monitoring may provide
particulars for the necessity for research and development of medical technology
and it current sales figures, whilst allowing for conclusions concerning new
applications of technologies already available.