The founder associations HIBCC in Phoenix, Arizona and EHIBCC in The Hague, Netherlands build an international network for support of the HIBC codification system. Liaison partners are associations of industry and health care but also standardisation institutes like ANSI, CEN, DIN, ISO. Specific support will be supplied by the working groups where the Joined Working Group AIDC in Europe consists of members delegated from liaisons like BVD/ADE, BPI, VDGH, VDDI/FIDE, etc. Countries like Japan and Turkey get special local support due to growth in this areas. Additional support of technical nature will be supplied by AIM members as manufacturers and distributors for AutoID hard and software. For printing and scanning HIBC codes as Barcode symbols or RFID tags standard ISO conforming equipment is sufficient and widely available. In addition to standard tools available from the market, EHIBCC supplies tools for quality control of HIBC codes free for the members by the support contractor Elmicron.


>> BPI - Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie

>> BVD - Bundesverband Dentalhandel e.V.

>> CEN - European Committee for Standardization

>> DIN - German Institute for Standardization

>> EDC - Eurodata Council Stichting

>> EHIBCC - European Health Industry Business Communications Council

>> HIBCC – Health Industry Business Communication Council (USA)

>> Elmicron - Technical HIBC Support contracter for HIBC integration and quality control

>> ISO - International Organization for Standardization

>> VDDI-Verband des der Deutschen Dental-Industrie e.V.

>> VDGH - Verband der Diagnostica Industrie e.V.