EDCi (Eurodata Council Institute) is a non-profit association that actively promotes science and research in the field of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC).
To our goals in brief:
  • research projects on AIDC for effective public application as EDCi initiative and in cooperations with other institutes
  • pblication of specifications and scientific papers
  • building up and maintaining a publicly accessible library of technical literature
  • events on the topics of the research projects and publication of the results
  • international exchange with scientific institutes and expert committees
We are currently working on the following projects:
  • digital product passport (achieving traceability of batteries by means of barcodes)
  • mapping of languages in barcodes
  • product identification in the public and access to individual information via smartphone
  • and how to prevent dangerous overlapping of numbers in bar coded data for the WEB?

The non-profit status according to § 60a Abs.1 AO was certified to us by the tax office Naumburg with notice of 11.11.2022.

If you would like to support our work, we would be pleased about your funding, which we can acknowledge with a donation receipt.


E-D-C registers and maintains ISO/IEC 15459-2 compliant "Company Identification Codes (CIN)". From now on, each new CIN from E-D-C will get a certificate that includes ISO/IEC 20248 Digital Signature (DigSig) in the form of a QR code. The QR contains a DigSig URL. If the QR is scanned and the URL is posted to the Internet, then the verification data of the owner of the CIN will be accessed and the validity information to the registered ID will be opened automatically.

 DigSig Certificate PIC 210714

This solution for verification of a CIN (used for globally unique marking and identification of products, locations, processes, etc.) was realized with the help of IT service provider and specialist in authentication and verification "TRUEVOLVE", Cape Town (SA). TRUEVOLVE is hosting the DigSig domain for the verification process (https://www.truevolve.com).