AutoID URL is an EDCi e.V. research project,

that aims at the development of a solution to add WEB compatibility to the classical method of unique identification of objects by barcode, so that e.g. a counterpart (digital twin) on the Internet can be accessed by smartphone to get connected information or to establish dialogs.

The project consisted of the following steps:

  • analysis of demand, relevant standards and possible solutions with the help of already existing standards for barcode, RFID/NFC and Internet communication
  • drafting of a specification
  • distribution to technical committees for comments and incorporation of comments
  • finalization of the specification
  • programming order for a demonstrator
  • publication as AutoID URL 1.3 with demonstrator for public access

The modules of the specification are also relevant for use in projects, such as:
"IEC 61406-2 Identification Link, Part 2", "ISO/IEC CD 18975 Encoding and resolving identifiers over HTTP" and "Digital Product Passport (EC)".


You can find the AutoID URL 1.3 specification here (documents) pdf


Demonstrator Webserver

The demonstrator website can be reached via the link  weblink

or scan already here with your smartphone to get an example to an object info to an motor engine:


You can reach the project team by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., keyword "AutoID URL".