The 24th HIBC Users Day took place in the conference center of the medical device manufacturer  DENTAURUM GmbH & Co KG in Ispringen, Germany. The topic was UDI with special presentations to UDI Marking as UDI Registration in the Global UDI Database - GUDID as to legal aspects and audits. The participants got recommendations how to integrate UDI according to the requirements but also as a strategic module because the UDI data are openly accessible  by any customer and potential customer as well. Delegates openly disclosed the lessons they  learned registering the products in the GUDID through the options A (via Web Interface) or B (via  Electronic Submission Gateway - ESG). The Resume contains excerpts of the presentations supplying an overview about UDI marking, UDI registration. In addition to it the Resume provides information about access to the content of the GUDID and its updates through open Internet access.
Note: The Resume has been written in german language. File PDF Acrobat icon